About Our Products

Our brainwave entrainment audio files use pulses of beta, alpha, theta and delta entrainment frequencies, each designed to achieve a particular state of awareness. To learn about the various effects of brainwaves, click here.

Although effective by themselves in producing brain wave entrainment, sound pulses of varying frequencies and pitches are quite uninteresting to listen to. Therefore we embed these helpful pulses within other sound tracks that are interesting to listen to. We use a variety of thematic sounds including ambient and relaxing music and locally recorded nature soundscapes. The resulting products are richly stimulating to the senses and uplifting.

To capture real-life full stereo nature sounds of running water, waterfalls, gentle rain, ocean waves, forest sounds, and bird calls, we use professional audio recording equipment. We capture our audio samples in remote Australian locations free from artificial sounds created by human activity. Our recording methods result in soundscapes of exceptionally high sampling rates and audio frequency, which are considerably better than CD quality.

The digital ambient music we produce is designed to lead the listener on a journey without distracting, jarring, or otherwise unexpected sounds. All musical transitions are gradual and smooth and with rare exceptions our music does not contain beats or lyrics.

The brainwave entrainment pulses we use are generated by the most technologically advanced software available. This software allows us to combine entrainment pulses with ambient music and soundscapes to produce a rich therapeutic audio experience. We use Isochronic, binaural, and monaural pulses to produce brainwave entrainment. Each CD we produce has at least one type of entrainment pulse, however almost all of our CDs use all three types that work together to provide a richer entrainment experience. Isochronic and monaural pulses are the most distinct and work together to entrain brainwaves while the cross-hemispheric characteristics of binaural beats assist whole brain synchronization. We also utilise a patented processes that entrains ambient sound and music to amplify the effect of the pulse.

Because it normally takes about 8 minutes of continued exposure to a pulse in order for entrainment to commence, our audio files created for the purpose of meditation are not pulse-ramped. That is, we do not commence the pulse at a higher frequency and reduce it as the audio progresses. So, if you are listening to one of our meditation audio tracks tracks that includes an 8 Hz (alpha) pulse, the track commences with an 8 Hz pulse and concludes with the same pulse. Somewhat surprisingly, this practice of maintaining the frequency of the entrainment pulse throughout the entirety of the track is not typically how other companies produce their brainwave entrainment products. The vast majority of companies ramp their pulses, which does not permit the brain to settle on any pulse and elicit entrainment until some minutes after the ramping ceases. Unfortunately, some companies also ramp the pulse frequency upwards towards the end of the audio. For a typical 30 minute Deep Mind meditation track, we can guarantee a minimum of 28 minutes of constant pulses, which allows at least 20 minutes of entrainment following the 8 minutes required for habitation.

For brainwave entrainment to occur, audio pulses must be audible. This is a fact that some companies who claim to offer brainwave entrainment products seem to ignore. In some commercial products, it is a mystery that no pulses can be heard whatsoever and there does not seem to be any audible entrainment of the background music or sounds. We don’t doubt that pulses are included in such products, but they may be at such a low volume so as to render them inert. If this is the case, the pulses would be considered subliminal or outside of the range of human hearing. Of course, that also renders them outside that range of usefulness for brainwave entrainment. In contrast, all Deep Mind products use audible pulses. Our hypnosis CDs and downloadable audio files also use audible messages and do not include subliminal content for the simple reason that audible pulses and messages are more likely to be effective in achieving desired outcomes.

With every product we sell, whether delivered by post or downloaded, customers will receive a User Guide that explains how to use the audio product you have purchased and our guide to Brain Wave Entrainment. For further infomation about what's included with your purchase, please see the product listing.