About Deep Mind

Deep Mind is an Australian company that specialises in brainwave entrainment through audio and visual stimulation. We use patented cutting edge technologies to embed our audio compact discs (CDs) and high quality downloadable audio files with pulses of varying frequencies to help our customers achieve states of deep relaxation and heightened meditative awareness.

Our philosophy

At Deep Mind we are concerned about ethical business practice and we place ethics ahead of profit. We want our customers to be satisfied with our products and standard of service and we strive hard to achieve this. Although brain wave entrainment can support astounding personal change, we do not make outlandish and unfounded claims about this technology. We draw the line at making claims that consumers will be meditating like a Zen monk in 10 minutes. Instead, we are interested in what scientific research has to say about brain wave entrainment and our procedures and protocols are derived from such research.

We also price our products so that they are accessible to as many people as possible. We do not believe in subscription payments that larger companies demand for similar products. Each of our products is stand-alone and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything further from us, although we hope you will.


We have invested heavily in the research and technology required to produce high quality brain wave entrainment products for our customers. To protect our interests, all of our products including CDs, downloadable audio files, and text-based products are copyrighted.

We respectuflly ask that you do not distribute Deep Mind products on peer-to-peer networks or through bit torrent websites. To do so would be to violate copyright laws and is illegal.

You are entitled to make a single copy of the contents of your purchased CD for playback on your iPod or portable mp3 player. You are also entitled to convert your audio files from one format into another format to enable ease of playback or portable devices. You are not entitled to alter the audio content in any way.

Please contact us for further information or clarification of your rights in relation to using our products. 

Deep Mind Legal Disclaimer

The user of Deep Mind products, including audio compact discs and text-based documents, agrees that these products are used solely for the purpose of relaxation and self-improvement. These products are not intended as a replacement for psychological or medical intervention.

The user of Deep Mind products assumes all risks and waives any claims against Deep Mind and its employees for any damages, physical or psychological. The user also agrees to assume liabilities when allowing other persons access to Deep Mind products.

In no case will Deep Mind or its employees be liable for chance, accidental, special, direct or indirect damages resulting from use, misuse or defect of its products, instructions, or documentation.