Brain Evolution Series

What is the Brain Evolution Series?

The Brain Evolution Series is a complete meditation training program that evolves the brain through normal processes of learning to achieve alpha, theta, and delta brainwave states and the health and wellbeing benefits that can be obtained in these states.

Training your brain to produce dominant alpha brainwaves is not that hard, and the Brain Evolution program commences there. There is little sense in training beta or gamma waveforms because these are dominant in the lives of most adults and are often associated with stress.

Each level of the program entrains to a different frequency commencing with 10 Hz (alpha) and reducing by 1 Hz with each successive disc down to a very low 1 Hz pulse (delta). Although pulses of 2 Hz and below are technically not fast enough to produce entrainment, it is known that delta pulses have soothing effects on neural structures including  the limbic system, the amygdala and hypothalamus which affect emotion and control of autonomic nervous system functions. Delta frequency pulses appear to be effective for reducing the experience of pain in migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and forms of chronic pain. Delta frequencies also reduce blood pressure.

The lower frequencies are also harder to experience because they are not normally produced in the waking state unless you have been meditating for some years. With the Brain Evolution Series of CDs, you will have direct experience with these dominant waveforms and can learn to enter them more quickly with practice.

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How do I use the Deep Mind Brain Evolution Series?

To get the most from your CDs, it is suggested that you commence with the first CD in the series (10 Hz) and listen to one of the two 30 minute tracks daily. Each track includes the same isochronic, monaural, and binaural pulses at 10 Hz but the ambient music and nature sounds are different. You may prefer one over the other and continue to listen to that track or you may prefer to alternate the tracks on different days – that’s completely up to your own preference. Listen daily until you find that you are no longer getting further benefit from the 10 Hz level and then move to the next level (9 Hz). You will know when the benefit is evaporating because it will be easy to generate dominant 10 Hz brainwaves and this will begin to occur soon after you close your eyes.  Your brain has evolved to become a more efficient alpha wave generator!

The time it takes for you to reach the point of proficiency will vary from person to person. It could take some weeks or even months of daily listening. You need to allow time for this to occur because accomplishment with each successive disc rests upon your proficiency at entraining to the frequency of the previous disc. The learning is cumulative and taking shortcuts is unlikely to be helpful.

Do I Have to Purchase the Entire Series?

Absolutely not! Each CD can be purchased separately or they can be purchased as a set. You may wish to purchase just the first CD to see if it is for you. When you have completed your training with the first CD you can then purchase the CD of the next level, and so on. Purchasing the set of 10 discs at once entitles you to a significant discount of more than 20% off the cost of purchasing the discs separately. If you have already purchased one or more of the discs and wish to purchase the remainder of the set together, we can also give you a discount on that. Contact us for further information.

A word of warning, though. It doesn’t make much sense to purchase a lower frequency entrainment CD in isolation without first having trained your brain to enter dominant alpha and the frequencies between alpha and the disc you are interested in. It could also be counterproductive and even distressing as this may bring up previously unconscious material before you have the capacity to deal effectively with the feelings and thoughts that arise with it. An exception to this might be if a customer is a long-term meditator and wishes to try maintaining entrainment at a lower frequency for the duration of their meditation.

Quite apart from the brainwave entrainment that occurs when listening to the Deep Mind Brain Evolution Series, the nature sounds accompanying each disc are inherently relaxing. To learn more about how we obtain our nature sounds, click here. If you would like to purchase CDs for relaxation without entrainment pulses, click here. If you would like to order a custom made entrainment CD, click here.