Cautions for Use

While the majority of people find entrainment comfortable and relaxing, it is possible that the auditory pulse used in the audio product can be distressing for some individuals. In particular, individuals with the following conditions should not use any brain wave entrainment products, visual or auditory, including those provided by Deep Mind:

  • Individuals with epilepsy or who are prone to experiencing seizures;
  • Individuals who wear a pacemaker;
  • Women who are pregnant;

In the case of Deep Mind products where LED goggles and an AudioStrobe decoder may be used, this additional exclusion to use must apply:

  • Individuals who are light sensitive

In addition, individuals who have mental health conditions or who are under the influence of drugs or medications should consult with their medical practitioner before using brain wave entrainment products. Young people under the age of 18, because of their higher susceptibility to seizures, should also receive medical clearance before using any brainwave entrainment product.

It is most important that individuals who plan to use visual or auditory brainwave entrainment products exercise basic precaution. In particular, do not listen to Deep Mind CDs whilst driving a car or operating heavy machinery when full conscious attention needs to be directed towards the task at hand.

For further information on the conditions of use of Deep Mind products and our legal disclaimer, click here.