Customer Questions

Below is a listing of user comments and questions and our responses. All questions and comments are genuine and have come to us via email. We have done our best to respond thoughtfully and without bias. If you have questions about our technology try reading the questions and responses below. If your questions remain, please send us an email and we will provide a friendly response as quickly as possible.


Last night I used the Sleep Drift and loved it! I have been using Holosync but am wondering if a sub audible wave is in fact as effective as an audible one...hopefully this 10hz will help me to ascertain the validity of their sales pitch.


Regarding Holosync®, here is a balanced review of both the Holosync® and LifeFlow programs in comparison with our Brain Evolution Series:

Particular to your concern is this statement taken from our website: 

“The most significant downside to using binaural beats is that the volume depth of binaural beats is very low. In fact, it is only about three decibels, which equates to about one tenth the volume of a whisper, resulting in a very weak neural response. Because of the low volume depth it is quite difficult to detect binaural beats unless they are presented via headphones completely isolated from any other sound. Holosync® audio present their binaural tones embedded within a matrix of nature and other sounds which renders them virtually undetectable. This is a problem because the beat must be detectable to the ears in order for entrainment to occur.”

Entrainment pulses must be audible to be effective, which stands to reason. This is largely why isochronic tones are better than binaural tones at producing entrainmen


Can brainwave products such as what you're selling actually help to develop astral projection, lucid dreaming, telepathy, remote viewing, ESP, etc? What actually can and cannot be developed with such brainwave products anyway (with proof of research)?


We do not make any exaggerated claims about our products. Other companies don't seem to have any trouble with this at all. But let me be clear, there is absolutely NO research in this area. There is NO scientific support for the effect of brainwave entrainment on any of the qualities or abilities you speak of. There is scientific support for the products we sell. For instance, Schumann Resonance frequencies can reduce blood pressure and improve general wellbeing and the experience of fibromyalgia and chronic pain is reduced using brainwave entrainment. There is indisputable evidence that auditory and visual entrainment can aid maintenance of brainwave frequencies conducive to meditation.

Having stated the above, the abilities you mention - especially, astral projection and lucid dreaming may be indirectly facilitated by brainwave entrainment. The indirect effect is due to relaxation and enhancement of meditative awareness. For instance, there is clear evidence that meditators dream more lucidly than non-meditators. [It is possible that the effect is due solely to meditators having better recall - this issue has not yet been sorted.] If you follow the work of William Buhlman, Robert Bruce, and even Robert Munroe it is clear that relaxation and meditative awareness is an essential requirement for astral projection or OBEs. Robert Bruce and Robert Munro even produce entrainment CDs to assist this. In fact, Robert Munroe has a US$400 18 CD set entitled The Gateway Experience that is used for this purpose, albeit using exclusively binaural waveforms. I am very familiar with all of these products.

They lay person is easily confused. Kelly Howell produces an astral travel CD (with subliminals of course). HemiSync (AKA Robert Munroe) produces another 6-CD set entitled Journeys Out of the Body. Brainwave Labs produces a 4CD set for Astral Projection. Anjay Satori has a CD called Astral Journey, mostly comprising unusual music and slow drones. These are just a few titles I am familiar with but because there is no scientific evidence for a causal relationship between entrainment or beautiful music and astral phenomena, the makers of these CDs are simply guessing the frequencies at best or being fraudulent at worse.

As for telepathy, remote viewing, and ESP - Go to The Unexplainable Store and you will find CDs for each. And while you are there you can pick up a CD on Christ consciousness, prosperity, getting pregnant, and increasing orgasms. Seriously, common sense must prevail!


What about The Unexplained Store at Is this website a scam or what?


All I can say is that Deep Mind would not follow the same market strategy. Our products are derived from science and there is no evidence to support the effectiveness of brainwave entrainment for the range of problems they sell supposed “solutions” for. This type of marketing strategy is by no means unique to this store and can be found all over the net.


I bought some brain sync mp3 products. Do you have any software that can detect the mp3's Hz frequency or any other mp3 product to make sure the Hz is as claimed?


The easiest way would be to import the MP3 file into any audio processing software like Audacity or Adobe Audition and count the pulses per second. This is certainly doable for isochronic and monaural pulses but for binaural tones you will be out of luck. Binaural tones depend on the difference between the frequency of tones played to the left and right ears. Perhaps an oscilloscope would help but I know of no other way. In the end you place faith in a company to deliver what they promise.


Hi! You made [a] convincing comparison with LifeFlow and Holosync. But what about Brain Sync? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Brain Sync compared to LifeFlow, Holosync and yours?


Our products do not directly compare with Kelly Howell's Brain Sync audio products. Our closest competition is LifeFlow™ and Holosync®.

Brain Sync products are mostly voice guided and include so called subliminal messages. We have an ethical problem with subliminal messages and we have less respect for companies that use them. Although we can perceive stimuli outside conscious awareness, there is no evidence that deliberately concealing a message to the point where it is inaudible produces any lasting effect. For instance, psychologists have studied cognitive priming, the more appropriate term for subliminal stimuli, for decades. Information flashed at a rate that does not permit conscious recall influences recognition a few moment later but the effect is small, very short term, and does not last any more than a few minutes. One of our staff completed a Master’s thesis on cognitive priming.

In any case, we would like our customers to become more conscious and aware, not less so.

We cannot comment specifically on Kelly Howell's products as she seems to have an audio product to address every conceivable human need.


Is there any CD with gamma or beta waves on sale?


We do not currently sell audio tracks with beta or gamma entrainment pulses. At present the highest frequency pulses we sell are 10 Hz. Despite the claims that are made, the evidence is not compelling for the efficacy of higher frequency pulses.


I’m hoping that you can give me some options. I’ve been using holosync for some time now and am at level 4. What I want to do is perhaps try your product mainly because of price. I want to know if I have to start at the beginning with you and also is it a program so can I buy discs progressively like holosync.

Hoping to hear from you.


Let me see if I can help you with the questions you asked:

For Holosync® the only difference between levels is the carrier frequency tone. If you have not already done so, please review the page on our website that compares our product with Holosync® and another competitor LifeFlow™. The link is here:

Holosync® uses exclusively binaural pulses whereas our products use Isochronic, binaural, and monaural pulses - the most potent for entrainment being Isochronic pulses. Because of the variability in the Holosync® carrier frequency, Holosync® products aren't directly comparable with either our products or the products from LifeFlow™. The other difference is that Holosync® ramps the frequencies down and then up again, which does not easily result in entrainment and provides only a short period of exposure to the desired frequency. Our CDs provide pulses of the same frequency across the entire track.

If you have had some experience with meditation, you may find entrainment easier to maintain and you may not benefit from our higher frequency Alpha CDs. Were you to purchase from us, you may wish to commence around 6 or 7 Hz (Theta). However, I would encourage you first to download samples of the CDs that you are interested in. Our CD tracks sound very different from the Holosync® tracks that you may be used to. For one, you will definitely hear the pulses on our CDs whereas I personally have never been able to hear any pulses on the Holosync® products. You cannot download samples from the Brain Evolution Series page; you must browse to each CD in turn. For instance, to download/play the samples for the 7 Hz CD, follow this link:

Sorry, the samples are only 60 seconds long, but they should give you a basis for comparison with Holosync®. They are also only encoded at 128 kbps and are not CD quality. If you would like me to email you a full 30 min track as an MP3 file (128 kbps) I can try do that. I say “try” because some servers reject large email files. The file size would be 24.4 MB. You could play it on your MP3 player or iPod and see what you think.

With regards to the second part of your question: We do not aggressively market our products the same way that Bill Harris does. Bill is a master internet marketeer and he makes extraordinary claims for his products. Our company is as transparent as possible and you will never feel locked in to purchasing any of our products. We offer for sale the full 10-CD system up front or you can purchase any or all of the CDs separately whenever you wish. You are the best judge of what you need – not us.


I'm researching the various programs available on the web. I just wanted to talk about the information on your products. And it is very interesting. Firstly the 8 minutes to entrain. Most of the other sites talk about this but most seem to muck around with the frequencies. I was just thinking how many others have your approach to stick with a particular frequency.

Secondly making it audible. I contacted another site about this but they said it was alright, that the mind will still hear it even if you can't. Even Bill Harris with Holosync says this. I would think that your approach would make it much more effective, since it's audible and the frequency is the same throughout the meditation session.



Eight minutes is considered to be the length of time that it takes novices to entrain to a particular audible pulse. More experienced meditators will entrain more quickly but the utility of entrainment is that it supports maintenance at that frequency, which isn't easy even for long-term meditators (in the absence of entrainment).

Eight minutes of course only applies if the entrainment frequency is constant. Many companies, including Holosync®, ramp the frequencies up and down, which makes it more difficult, especially for novices, to entrain at all. In the majority of Deep Mind entrainment products we maintain the same entrainment frequency throughout the entire audio. The one exception is our Sleep Drifting CD that includes two rapid (2 min) ramps from Alpha to Theta and from Theta to Delta. Without such ramping the frequency change is harsh and jarring and may wake the listener.

There are other companies that, like us, don't ramp their entrainment frequencies, the most notable of which is LifeFlow™. All of the MP3 audios in the LifeFlow™ series maintain the same frequency throughout and this is to their credit. If you are interested there is a review of Holosync® and LifeFlow™ technology here:

Entrainment requires auditory sensory stimulation sufficient to generate neural activity that is processed as sound. If we cannot consciously hear a sound, there was insufficient auditory sensory stimulation to generate it. We do not subscribe to the view that even though you can't hear a sound the brain does. This would be equivalent to believing that even though we cannot hear a 120,000 Hz tone it is still registered by the brain. The variables that determine what we hear include the intensity of the sound given in decibels, the pitch of the sound given in hertz, and the sensitivity of the human ear. While the dynamic range of the human ear is astounding, we cannot register much outside the typical 20 Hz-20,000 Hz range or sounds softer than a couple of decibels.

Holosync® uses binaural beats exclusively. Binaural beats result from tones of different pitches being played separately to the left and right ears. The resulting "beat" is generated internally. The most significant problem with binaural beats is that they result in a very weak neural response. This is because the volume depth of binaural beats is so low (about 3 decibels - one tenth the volume of a whisper). Once these signals are embedded within a matrix of other sounds they are usually completely lost. We use a mixture of isochronic, monaural, and binaural waveforms throughout our Brain Evolution Series. We do not use binaural waveforms by themselves in any of our CDs. Isochronic waveforms are the most audible and for this reason are mostly used in our entrainment products. The pitch of entrainment pulses used in the Brain Evolution Series is quite low (around 50-60 Hz). Because the human ear is less sensitive to low frequency sounds, we have increased the sound intensity so that a definite beat is heard (and sometimes felt).


Although there is a big price difference between Centerpoint’s technology and yours, your product is far more superior. I did feel cheated by Centerpoint. As after doing there programs for over two years, my wife nor I have not felt anything different. Maybe it’s because we have been meditating for years. Who knows? This is why I was delighted when I received the Deep Mind Products. Thank you.


Thank you very much for the positive feedback regarding the Deep Mind products you ordered. While we do not claim that our Brain Evolution Series is any more effective than LifeFlow™ or Holosync®, we firmly believe in ethical pricing. We do not make outlandish claims and we will always leave the value of our products up to our customers to determine.


I am concerned about the possibly detrimental effects of sound technologies on people with serious mental health issues. There is no way to ask Lifeflow and Holosync fobs this question off by referring to their waiver, so I am hoping your apparently fair minded stance will enable you to give an honest opinion.

My understanding of all these technologies is that they take the brain into the slower brainwave states associated with sleep and meditation, a process that is virtually irresistible. This can and often does allow repressed subconscious material to emerge, which can be distressing and cause anxiety etc. The idea is that the user can then process this material for enhanced emotional and mental health. That is fine except the user may not have that processing ability and if the repressed material is severe and the user is not in good mental health, the results are unpredictable and can lead to psychoses etc. This is certainly our experience.

I believe the problem arises because, as opposed to traditional meditation methods (which can also cause problems for the mentally ill), sound technologies cannot be resisted and take the brain into meditative states without the support of the subconscious mind. The subconscious has a prime duty of protecting the individual, which is why the material is repressed in the first place. That repression may not be the best solution in the long term but as an immediate response it is the best the subconscious can do.

When such material emerges during traditional meditation, the subconscious can literally snap the person out of meditation if the subconscious deems it necessary. With sound technologies, however, the meditative state has been artificially induced and the subconscious largely bypassed so its protective function is negated and serious emotional upheaval can ensue which, in the mentally ill, can have catastrophic effects. Furthermore, in traditional meditation, the student should always have a teacher or master who can advise and direct proceedings when troubles arise. It may be a much slower process, but it is certainly safer.

I will appreciate and be interested in your comments.



There is confusion regarding this technology, which is reflected in perceiving the listener exclusively as a passive recipient. This idea is actively promoted by some companies who make grandiose claims regarding the uniqueness of this technology and its immense power.

Brainwave entrainment technology can ease the listener into various brain states which may enhance the meditative experience, support pain relief, and promote physical rejuvenation. It is an assistive and not a directive process that is forced upon a recipient beyond their conscious control. Equally, there is nothing special or peculiar about altering brain wave patterns by extrinsic sensory stimulation. Dominant alpha waveforms can be produced, for example, by audio-visual entrainment, by consuming L-theanine or nicotine, and by inhaling lavender. If it was solely on the basis of dominant waveforms being present, every time we consumed a cup of green tea or lit up a cigarette we could claim to be meditating.

At the most basic level, one has to be open to the idea and allow it to unfold. However there is little to gain from becoming “mesmerised” by a pulsing tone or light in the same way that one might merge into a trance state by watching a fire flicker or feel one with the beat at a rave party. Just as meditation requires a context of conscious alert movement or focusing of attention, we believe that attention and alertness are also required in order to obtain the benefits from audio-visual entrainment.

There are people who find audio-visual entrainment unpleasant at a sensory level and such people are advised to discontinue use or move to a higher frequency entrainment pulse. There are also contraindications for use - for those who may suffer from seizures, for children where this technology has not been properly assessed in terms of its effects on the developing brain, and for persons with mental health conditions or those affected by drugs and medications. In such cases, listeners are advised to consult with their physician first.

Apart from sensory aversion, there is the possibility of unpleasant material arising in consciousness. Where this material is strongly aversive, the usual response is a rapid return to normal consciousness. Where it is less so, there is the possibility of adopting a nonjudgmental attitude towards this material as it arises, and this requires some training for most people. Written material sent to our customers provides some instruction on this.

We also make it clear that if at any stage customers feel overwhelmed by the material that arises, they are completely free to cease and take a break. Unpleasant experiences may be an indicator that listeners are moving through the levels too quickly, in which case they are encouraged to take their time and allow sufficient time to adjust to the changes as they occur.

For those with mental health conditions extra precaution is indeed warranted. Caution may especially be indicated where there exists a history of abuse or trauma or where there are various personality defences in play. In such instances any approach that has as an altering effect on consciousness, which would include brainwave entrainment, meditation, relaxation training, yoga, body therapies, medication, and hypnosis, would demand careful monitoring by a suitably qualified professional. We would not support the use of this technology in people experiencing serious mental health problems for the reasons you raise.

Brainwave entrainment was never intended as a replacement for professional therapy. However, in recent years protocols have been developed for persons suffering mental health conditions including anxiety and depression. While the early research shows promise, we do not offer such products in the public domain because of the concerns we commonly share. On the other hand, interesting fMRI research establishes that novice meditators who have meditated for only 15 minutes daily for as little as 3 weeks show subtler forms of brain changes that long-term meditators who have medicated for 10-50,000 hours display during meditation. One of our intentions is to support newcomers to commence and maintain a mediation ritual and we believe that brainwave entrainment has a useful part to play in promoting this aim. However we cannot join in with the chorus of claims for it being the solution to the problem of human suffering.


Can I use 10 Hz (Alpha) Brainwave Entrainment CD at while at work or study or learn , on the computer, etc?


Entrainment to the alpha frequency (8-12 Hz) can promote what is referred to as "super learning".

You can read more about super learning here:

Our 10 Hz (Alpha) Brainwave Entrainment CD is not specifically promoted for this purpose on our website because it is part of the Deep Mind Brain Evolution Series and therefore considered to be the first in a series of meditation CDs. However, most certainly you can use this CD for study, reading and computer work especially where retention of information is important.

We have just replenished stock of the Brain Evolution Series and further information can be found here:

For further information on the 10 Hz (Alpha) Brainwave Entrainment CD, follow this link:

We hope that helps you out. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.


Please tell me if the isochronic tones are blended with music or other sounds. I tried meditating with a CD that was just pulsing tones; it was so annoying I couldn't relax.


All of our brainwave entrainment CDs embed entrainment pulses into layered sounds tracks. Depending on the particular CD you purchase, the accompanying sounds may include relaxing nature scapes (flowing stream, gentle waves breaking, rainfall, forest bird calls, etc.) and/or beautifully harmonic musical bells and/or explorational ambient music. Some audio tracks use all three types of layered sounds. However, we also make sure that the entrainment pulse remains audible.

There are 1 minute audio samples available for each track on each CD that we manufacture. You just need to select the More Info button for the CD you are interested in to open the details page and from there select a track from the Media Collection box. You can either right click the track to download it to your hard drive or click normally to have the track played in your browser.

You can also navigate to our Free Downloads page here:

From this page you can download or listen to extended 10 minute audio samples at much higher audio quality (320 kbps). On that page the downloadable samples combine isochronic, monaural, and binaural waveforms with various ambient sounds. These extended samples should give you a feel for what our CDs sound like before you make a purchase.

In recent months we have also commenced producing entrainment CDs that make use of a patented process that actually entrains sound and music to amplify the effect of the entrainment pulses. This allows us to produce some specialised entrainment audio tracks that do not actually contain traditional isochronic, monaural, or binaural pulses. An example is our Schumann Resonance CD available here:


Hello I have down the complete Life flow system (not overly impressed) and have completed level 5 of Holosync. If I were to use your program can you tell me which level I could start at do your levels relate? PS have you checked out profound meditation.

A All systems of meditation that use entrainment technology have something unique to offer. People tend to form an alliance with one or another company and stick with it, sometimes vehemently arguing the cause. There is a lot of internet hype behind Holosync® and even more recently about The Profound Meditation Program. The hype seems rather proportional to the degree of advertising, which says nothing about the inherent value of the product. For mass marketing companies, the inherent value of any pressed audio CD is about the same as a blank CD, but they most certainly don't charge that. The graphics on the Profound Meditation website are stunning, even beautiful, and that angle clearly dominates their marketing plan. This type of packaging also says nothing about the intrinsic value of the product. In entrainment circles it is never the case that you get what you pay for.

Apart from offering the above thoughts for your consideration, we cannot answer your questions other than to say that our technology is not directly comparable to the binaural carrier frequency approach taken by the Centerpointe Research Institute. It is more comparable to LifeFlow™ from Project Meditation™, that you seem less enthusiastic about. The other issue of note is that Centerpointe are very guarded in revealing any details about the frequencies involved for any of their tracks. This is part of their marketing plan to get people locked in by being unable to compare with competing programs.

We are confident unfortunately that this information doesn't help you greatly. What we would suggest you do, however, is play some of our 60 second samples (available for each disc) or the longer 10 minute MP3 downloads available here for free and you be the judge.
I ordered the Brain Evolution CD's and I'm looking forward to starting the program. My questions is, can I listen to the CD's more than once daily? I would like to listen in the early morning and before bedtime.
A Yes, you may listen to the entrainment CDs as frequently as you wish. In fact, the more you practice meditation the stronger the brain training effect. Brain training (the evolution part of the title for this series) will result in more rapid entrainment effects and better maintenance of the desired state. In other words, you will get there faster and be able to remain there longer. Our entrainment audio is also extremely relaxing and soothing, which is an added benefit.
Q I can't use earbuds because they hurt my ears. I've tried at least a half dozen, both cheap and expensive. Can I get good results from using my JVC over the ear headphones?
A With regards to your question about using over the ear JVC headphones: It would largely depend on their quality and frequency response. If you can locate the model number and send it to us we can provide a more specific response to your question. Over the ear headphones and even stereo speakers are generally acceptable to render our entrainment audio but there are additional benefits to using in-ear headphones.

Have you tried headphones that actually fit slightly into the opening of your ear canal? Traditional ear bids are very uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods but we use Logitech and Sony headphones with soft silicon inserts that are inserted into the ear canal. Most in-ear headphones come with three cushion insert sizes to fit different sized ears. The reason why we recommend quality in-ear headphones is because they render the low pitch (40-60 Hz) entrainment pulse much more forcibly such that the tone is not only heard but felt. Tones are heard via the normal air pathway direct to the eardrum via the ear canal and the tones are simultaneously felt via an indirect bone conduction pathway to the cochlear. This produces the resonant (deep bass) thump that is characteristic of our entrainment pulses.