Downloading Our Audio

As of December 19, 2012, we ceased our manufacture and sale of physical CDs and now exclusively offer all of our audio CDs as instant downloads. We offer audio files in formats to suit most needs including M4A (Apple Lossless). FLAC (Lossless), and MP3 files. To learn more about our audio file formats and the one that is right for you, click here.

The ordering and download process is straight-forward and intuitive to follow. However we have provided a download guide should you experience difficulties. Please download a copy of this guide from the downloadable resources at the bottom of this page.

Our website is configured to allow you up to five (5) downloads for your purchased product within forteen (14) days of purchase. If for some reason you need more than five opportunities to download or your forteen day period has expired, please contact us so that we can reset your download rights.


Downloadable resources (right click & select "save as")

How to access and download your purchases