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Unless specifically stated, our brainwave entrainment audio files can be listened to with headphones or external speakers. Both isochronic and monaural pulses work with headphones and speakers, while binaural pulses require headphones in order to produce an entrainment effect. However, the majority of our brainwave entrainment audio files use all three types of pulses to maximise the possibility of entrainment regardless of whether headphones or external speakers are used. The entrainment pulse must be heard in order for entrainment to occur. Therefore it is important to adjust the volume sufficiently such that the sound is comfortable to listen to and the audio pulses are noticeable.


We recommend you listen to our brainwave entrainment audio files using a set of quality in-ear noise isolating earphones similar to those shown in the image below. Many of our entrainment products use pulses of very low pitch of around 50 to 60 Hz, which are more relaxing and less jarring than higher pitches. Most headphones should have little difficulty in rendering these low frequency pulses but in-ear noise isolating earphones emphasise the pulse and enhance the entrainment effect even at very low volumes. In addition they do a superb job of suppressing ambient sounds that may interrupt your meditation session.

Description: noise isolating headphones

You can pay upward of $400.00 for a set of noise isolating earphones but paying less than one tenth of that price will give you a set that will provide more than sufficient quality. For instance, the

Logitech Ultimate Ears™ 200 Noise-Isolating Earphones have a RRP of AU$39.95 but are available at various resale outlets and online for less than AU$20.00. Beware of purchasing generic (non-branded) earphones from eBay. If you wish to purchase from eBay, check the manufacturer’s website beforehand and review the specifications. Ensure that your selected earphones have a frequency response at least in the range 20 Hz – 20 KHz.


If you wish to use your portable player and have any difficulties getting this to work, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.

While these guidelines on listening to our files are general in nature, more specific documentation for the use of each product from Deep Mind will accompany each product you purchase. Please be sure to read the accompanying documentation carefully before listening to your CD.

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