Make Your Own Entrainment Tracks

Have you thought about creating your own brainwave entrainment tracks, tailored just the way you like? Deep Mind has everything you need to help you do just that.

The entrainment pulses provided on our Pure Entrainment Pulse CDs can be used alone to achieve various brain states or can be used as a basis for constructing your own more interesting brainwave entrainment tracks, tailored just the way you like.

To create your own entrainment track, you need to consider the following:

  • What subjective state of consciousness you wish to experience
  • What type of pulse (isochronic, monaural, binaural) you plan to use
  • What, if any, sounds you wish to accompany your entrainment track
First consider what you wish to achieve by listening to your resulting audio. The state of consciousness you wish to attain is determined by the pulse frequency. To help you answer this question and to determine what pulse frequency you need to use, check out the table here.
Generally speaking, you next need to consider what type of pulse you wish to use – isochronic, monaural, or binaural. There are other types of pulses but they are seldom used and not as helpful as the three mentioned. Isochronic tones are the most likely to support general entrainment because they sound like distinct beats. For some, these can sound a little jarring, however. Monaural and binaural tones are softer but residual elements of each tone remain, so there will be a continuous tone throughout the track.
Finally, give some consideration to what other sounds you might use to accompany your track. These sounds need to be continuous and subtle so as not to neutralise the entrainment pulse. Using any additional sound will impede entrainment so the best thing to do is find a nice balance between including sounds to enhance the interest and relaxing qualities of the audio and the affect this extra audio stimulation has on disrupting uniform and dominant brainwaves.
Deep Mind sells CDs that include relaxing nature soundscapes and music for you to use as backgrounds for your entrainment tracks. The audio on these CDs is not royalty free and therefore cannot be included in audio you generate for commercial purposes. Alternatively, you can weave your own relaxing music and soundscapes into your final recording. You can find a listing of these CDs here.
Detailed instructions on how to combine, mix, and export tracks using free audio processing software are provided in the documentation shipped with each Pure Entrainment Pulse CD.