Create Your Own Brainwave Entrainment Products

Try our products and if you find that Deep Mind brainwave entrainment products are helpful for meditation, relaxation, problem resolution, and for improving your general wellbeing, why not try creating your own?

The best and easiest way of generating audio and visual entrainment products is by using specialised software and the very best software available comes from Transparent Corporation.

Transparent Corp is the world premier developer of audiovisual brainwave entrainment software. Their software is easy to use and fully featured allowing both complete novices and seasoned experts to produce world-class entrainment recordings. Whether you wish to create your own audiovisual entrainment tracks for at home use or venture into the commercial world of brainwave entrainment, Transparent Corp has software to suit both your needs and your budget.



Transparent Corp produce two outstanding applications that can be used for generating personal and even commercial entrainment products. Neuro-Programmer 3 is the perfect entry level software to stimulate your brain to achieve lasting positive personal change. To learn more about Neuro-Programmer 3, click here or on the banner below.


Transparent Corp also produce Mind Workstation, a truly magnificent piece of software that includes all of the features of Neuro-Programmer 3 plus a host of advanced features to enable you to create exactly the entrainment products you want for home or for professional clinical applications. To learn more about Mind Workstation, click here or on the banner below. To learn about using Neuro-Programmer 3 and Mind Workstation for commercial applications, click here

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