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Remindfulness Cymbals is a CD from our Mindfulness Meditation CD collection. It is designed as an introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation, and specifically intended to train attention. For people relatively new to meditation, bringing and maintaining attention to the sensation of observation can be difficult. This CD uses high theta entrainment to promote meditative awareness and includes an audio reminder that cues the listener to reorient attention to the chosen sensation.
Brain Training and Attention

In 1809 when writing on the varieties of attention, psychologist, philosopher, and physician William James identified the importance of being able to maintain voluntary attention. He stated that “[an] education which should improve this faculty would be the education par excellence.” The issue of training attention is especially an important one for 21st century humans because our capacity to attend and concentrate is in serious decline. This is certainly the experience of child and adolescent mental health practitioners who find that children of today have shorter attention spans than children used to have. It also conforms with the bulk of research on the deleterious impact of exposing children to 21st century technology including video games and television.

Sustained attention and the capacity to switch attention are implicated in mindfulness practice and mindfulness meditation has also been demonstrated to enhance attentional control. Indeed meditation is considered to be a form of mind training to improve attentional control. Moreover, positive effects of mindfulness meditation for clinical impairments in attention, including those found in ADHD have been predicted and found. Attention is extremely important for human information processing and learning. Improvements in attention lead to higher levels of productivity and can also reduce agitation and mental boredom that accompanies distractibility.

How can we improve attention? The findings from an innovative study by
Merzenich and colleagues from the university of California in San Francisco established the importance of two processes that underly all neuroplastic change. The first is focused or sustained attention on the task at hand and the other is repetition, or the need to practice the new skill over and over again and commit it to memory. This makes intuitive sense when you consider that all learning requires training and that training requires focused attention. For example, learning to play the piano from scratch requires considerable amounts of focused attention and practice.
Benefits of Theta Entrainment

This CD includes entrainment pulses of 7.83 Hz (theta), which correspond to the Schumann Resonance. Schumann Resonances are geophysical phenomena named after German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. (To learn more about why we use Schumann Resonance, click here.) Theta waves are associated with mystical and spiritual experiences, present moment awareness and heightened creativity and suggestibility. They also support relaxation, enhance immunological function, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve problem-solving and creativity.
Disc Contents

Remindfulness Cymbals comprises a single CD with two 30 minute attention training tracks. The first track Level 1 Training includes an introductory sequence of Tibetan cymbals at 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 2 minutes apart. The soundscape includes a gently flowing stream. The second track Level 2 Training extends attention training with the sequence of Tibetan cymbals moving quickly from 30 seconds to 5 minutes apart. The soundscape for this track is softly falling rain. Each track commences and concludes with three chimes 10 seconds apart.

It is important to adopt a mindfulness stance when listening to this CD. Mindfulness and details on how to best use this CD are included in the 21 page User Guide that comes with this product. But in short that aim is to use the sounds of the Tibetan cymbal as a secondary anchor such that whenever you hear the sound of the cymbal you remind yourself of your intention to be mindful and ensure that your attention is returned to your chosen sensation. You do not attend to the sound per se but it becomes a reminder for your intention to remain mindful.

For this CD, the isochronic pulses are designed to be nonintrusive and are recorded at a very low but quite audible frequency that resonates within the body. In order to take full advantage of the unique audio characteristics of this CD, listeners are strongly encouraged to wear a set of quality in-ear headphones. Please read your Entrainment Guide for f
urther information about how to listen to Deep Mind audio.

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