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10 Hz (Alpha) Brainwave Entrainment CD


I had used Holosync for a couple of years and felt that I had reached a plateau with my meditation. I was also unhappy with the heavy marketing and cost of the product on an ongoing basis. I searched for other Entrainment programs and was fatigued with the big sell, sell, sell, which made me lose faith in the credibility of products. I came upon Deep Mind and was immediately refreshed by it's down to earth approach; very informative, thought-out and real. I have used the 10Hz (Alpha) Brainwave Entrainment CD now for 3 months, and am so delighted to say that I feel more calm and alert (no matter what is going on around me); I have great energy and a sense of well-being that was fleeting prior. My creativity is flourishing and I have returned to painting with renewed zeal. I have just ordered the 9Hz CD and will continue with the Entrainment CD series. I look forward to the journey. My brain thanks Deep Mind sincerely for this wonderful gift.
Date Added: 05/02/2015 by Gaye McPhie