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Gamma Wellbeing is a Self Improvement CD specifically designed to support positive states of wellbeing and to enhance learning.

In addition to the well-understood association between meditation and alpha and theta waveforms, there has been a growing interest in the study of higher frequency waveforms, including beta (13-30 Hz) and gamma (> 30 Hz).

The interest in gamma waveforms arose from early studies that showed the presence of 40 Hz waveforms in long-term meditators. More recent research has revealed similar findings for meditators using both a focused type of meditation and non-referential compassion. Interestingly, in the study on non-referential compassion, meditators were found to exhibit high levels of gamma even before the meditation began compared with meditation novices. This study also established the brain locus for such activity as lateral frontal and parietal regions and the authors speculated that the amount of meditation training undertaken permanently effects the spectral distribution of high frequency brainwaves.

Benefits Of Gamma Frequency Entrainment

There are at least two directions that research and speculation associated with gamma entrainment has meandered. The first reflects the phenomenological experiences that gamma waves are associated with. Because gamma is more likely found in long-term meditation practitioners often associated with experiences of unconditional positive regard it is believed that gamma waves are associated with feelings of non-referenced compassion.

The second line of inquiry reflects a more detailed account of what is happening neurologically when the gamma waveform is experienced and this has enquiry flowed in two directions that might not be independent. The first of these suggests that gamma waves in particular are linked with improvements in whole brain thinking, where cross-model sensory data is combined leading ultimately to a gestalt account of reality. While this is itself very interesting, the second direction in which research and attention has been directed is probably more relevant for our present understanding and purpose of meditation. This second research trend is that gamma waves may support and promote neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity reflects the brain’s inherent capacity for adaptiveness and flexibility in the face of environmental demands that challenge its pre-existing state. It underpins all learning and its effect strengthens and becomes more stable and consolidated with practise. The mechanisms of neuroplasticity have not fully been elucidated however it is believed that neuroplastic brain changes occur where the joint activation upon two sets of associated neurons electrically binds them together in such a way that in the future activating one of them activates the other. This phenomenon is named after Canadian psychologist Donald Hebb and is known as Hebb’s Law. This law is often more succinctly stated this way: "Neurons that fire together wire together."

How does this apply to gamma waves? Researchers Juergen Fell and collaborators from University of Bonn in Germany summarised it this way:

"Synchronized high frequency EEG rhythms like gamma activity thus could provide an optimal condition for the establishment and modification of Hebbian neural assemblies and therefore may be a crucial mechanism in associative learning and memory formation."

These authors conclude that the synchronised gamma waves found in long-term meditators are associated with neuroplasticity and learning which may not only provide an understanding of states of consciousness underlying meditation practise but also extend beyond these to permanently alter perceptual and cognitive processes.

Disc Contents

This CD comprises two entrainment tracks each of 30 minutes duration. The tracks commence with 30 Hz isochronic pulses that quickly build to 40 Hz over 3 minutes, where they remain for the remainder of each track (27 minutes). Each track includes a low-frequency random noise sub-track that accentuates the entrainment effect. The only difference between the two tracks is the included ambient sounds. Track 1, Ethereal Refrain, includes soft melodic tubular sounds spanning 3 octaves and Track 2, Inspirative Harmony, includes soft melodic tubular sounds spanning 4 octaves. The soundscape on this CD also carries an entrainment pulse which provides a shimmering and pulsing effect across the entire sound track. This effect accentuates the entrainment effect and is also auditorally pleasant.

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