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Stress Healing Theta is a Health and Welbeing CD offered by Deep Mind Audio, specifically designed to improve the quality of life of people experiencing stress.

Theta entrainment aims to produce dominant patterns of electrical activity in the brain in the range 4 to 7 Hz. During the theta state, neurological activity slows to levels of activity close to the commencement of sleep. We all experienced this to varying degrees every night and it is usually a very pleasant experience if our awareness is drawn towards it. The more consciously we experience this state the more we can benefit from theta entrainment. If we lose ourselves and fall asleep, the benefits are lost.

The especially elaborate and vivid imagery that present during the transitional state between and wakefulness and sleep occurs at times of theta brain activity. Hypnogogia (or the hypnogogic state) occurs when falling asleep and hypnopompia (or the hypnopompic state) occurs when transitioning to wakefulness. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) that coincides with dreaming also occurs during dominant theta activity.

Dominant theta brain activity is also associated with a phenomenological state known as body asleep–mind awake, where the phenomena of lucid dreaming, visual and auditory hallucinations, sleep paralysis, and out of body experiences tend to occur. If you are specifically wishing to explore these states using entrainment, we recommend our 3 CD Enlightenment Series.

Theta brainwave dominance is also associated with deep relaxation, enhancement of immunological function, heightened susceptibility to suggestion, reduction in stress and anxiety, and heightened levels of problem-solving and creativity. This CD is especially designed for the stress healing effects of theta entrainment.

Disc Contents

Stress Healing Theta comprises a single 60 minute isochronic entrainment track embedded with beautiful soundscapes including a flowing mountain stream recorded at Springbrook National Park in Queensland, Australia. In the audio background are the sounds of several species of birds. We also provide a soundscape of warm soft bells over three octaves. Together, the sound mix is nothing short of magical.

For this CD, the isochronic pulses are designed to be nonintrusive and are recorded at a very low but quite audible frequency that resonates with the body. In order to take full advantage of the unique audio characteristics of this CD, listeners are strongly encouraged to wear a quality set of in-ear headphones.

We are not normally fans of ramping entrainment frequencies but this CD is constructed so that even people totally new to meditation can experience sustained theta entrainment by first becoming acquainted with alpha entrainment. The first 18 minutes of this full hour CD entrain the listener to low Alpha (8.5 Hz). For the 10 minutes following, there is a gradual ramping down to middle Theta (5.5 Hz), where the frequency remains unchanged for the duration of the CD.

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