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Low beta frequency brainwaves in the order of 12-14 Hz correspond to what is referred to as Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR). SMR has been subjected to an interesting series of research mostly employing the neurofeedback paradigm. Neurofeedback is a special form of biofeedback that emphasises self-control of brainwaves. In neurofeedback, subjects are hooked up to a computer that is programmed to interpret electrical signals (brainwaves) coming from electrodes placed in scalp over various brain regions. Subjects are trained to regulate and cultivate these signals through frequent auditory or visual feedback usually presented on a computer monitor.

The neurofeedback research has shown that low-beta SMR range brainwaves can facilitate alertness, attention, and focus that can enhance learning. Some of the most compelling research comes from the study of clinical populations and this research demonstrates that people with learning disabilities and attentional difficulties (eg. ADHD) can improve their functioning using neurofeedback in the low-beta SMR range. Some research has also shown that training in low-beta SMR also reliably increases intelligence measured by standardised IQ tests.

How does the research on neurofeedback relate to brainwave entrainment? The commonality is that during both forms of intervention, the same frequency brainwaves are being maintained, but there are a number of differences also. One advantage of neurofeedback is that it is more brain-region specific whereas brainwave entrainment tends to have global effects over broader regions of the brain. However, the benefit of entrainment as a technology for controlling and maintaining brainwaves over neurofeedback is manyfold. Brainwave entrainment technology is highly portable and more easily administered, it is inexpensive, and it can operate passively without the need for effort or even compliance with the treatment for that matter. For study and new learning this last quality is essential because you do not want the effort required for neurofeedback to compete with the effortful process involved in the activity of learning.

Disc Contents

In this CD, the brainwave entrainment pulses vary between 12 and 14 Hz in a regular oscillatory pattern over the duration of each 30 minute track. The only difference between the two tracks is the ambient soundscape mix. Both tracks include sounds of nature. Track 1, Clear Water Flow, includes the sound of a gently flowing mountain stream and Track 2, Clear Forest Walk, includes a forest soundscape with the sounds of frequent bird calls.

To amplify the entrainment effect, in this CD we have incorporated two additional technologies. In addition to the isochronic entrainment pulse, we have also entrained the soundscape. This provides a shimmering and pulsing effect across the entire sound track, which in addition to accentuating the entrainment effect, is also auditorally pleasant. In this CD we have also included an AudioStrobe track for those of our customers who own or would like to purchase an audiovisual decoder and LED glasses. Many of the studies on clinical populations involve audiovisual entrainment where both the ears and the eyes are subjected to pulsing stimulation. Please note however that it is not necessary to possess or use this equipment to obtain the entrainment effect. Moreover, it would be impossible to study visually with LED glasses and study or learning would be confined to introspective learning processes such as mentally memorising or rehearsing.

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